Most likely, when you talk about a tune-up its probably because you’re experiencing some kind of drivability problem. Your vehicle might be getting hard to start, not getting the fuel mileage it once did, hesitating or stalling, knocking or not running with the same zip and power as before, check engine light is on, Or your vehicle may have failed an emissions test. So what you probably need is an engine performance analysis or new set of spark plugs, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter on older models, Oxygen Sensor, Download new Memory to the emission control on newer vehicles.

Tune-up on newer cars is base on factory mile interval and service life percentage. Like BMW’s the yellow service monitor change to red and others a yellow light flash or Service A,B,C,D service show up on your screen whe Cabin Air Filter, Oil & Filter, Engine Air Filter, Belts, Alignment, Coolant Flush, transmission fluid drain & fill, Brake flush is recommended.

Brake maintenance on your car should not be treated lightly. In an emergency, stopping quickly is important for the safety of you and your passengers. So, when it is time for brake service, there are a few possible indicators of brake service needed:

  • The brake pedal seems to be spongy or presses farther to the floor than usual
  • Your vehicle pulls to the right or left when you brake
  • Unusual noises or vibrations occur during braking

Automotive Services

  • Tune – ups
  • Brake Repair
  • Engine repair
  • Timing Belt or Chain Job
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Clutch Repair
  • Electrical Diagnostic
  • Can Bus Advance Diagnostic
  • Suspension Repair
  • Automatic Transmission Service
  • ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
  • SRS Air Bag System
  • Electrical Malfunction
  • Mechanical Malfunction
  • Drivability Problem
  • Complete Safety Inspection
  • Brake Check
  • OEM Mufflers and exhaust system
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Steering Angle Computer Reset
  • BWM Battery Registration Program
  • BMW Body Computers Reset
  • BMW Computers Programming
  • BMW Diesel Service & Repair
  • Mini Cooper Computer Program
  • Mini Cooper Diagnostic & Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Programming
  • Smart Car Diagnostic & Repair
  • Volvo Diagnostic & repair
  • Land Rover Diagnostic & Repair
  • Jaguar Diagnostic & Repair
  • Acura Diagnostic & Repair
  • Audi Adaptive Programming
  • VW Diagnostic & Repair
  • European headlight
  • Adaptation, Calibration

We offer maintenance and advance comprehensive computerized diagnostic, testing and Factory computer Programming up-dates for many European, Swedish, Japanese Italian and Korean automobiles.


Potholes and rough road surfaces don’t just make for a bad ride, they can affect the alignment of your wheels. Misaligned wheels can cause a host of problems, including uneven tire wear. Proper wheel alignment helps your tires last longer, improves gas mileage, and provides safer handling. That’s what we are all about – helping you get the most out of your car, for as long as you own it.

Does your car dip or rock when you go over bumps or drift around corners even at low speeds?

If you count drive time as an upper body workout because your car wants to turn when you want to go straight, you may have steering and Suspension problems.

Cornerstone Auto has the latest diagnostic training to determine the cause of your steering, suspension, tire or alignment problems and get you back to effortless driving with steering repair.

We work on all European and Asian vehicles Cornerstone Auto Service is the only BMW Mechanic in Marietta Ohio area that provides advance technology repair and BMW service in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

We are also the only Mini Cooper Mechanic in Marietta Ohio area that provides Mini Cooper Timing chain, Mini Cooper Brakes, Mini Cooper Electrical diagnostic, Mini Cooper service right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

We repair Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW and Lexus, Acura, Honda and Toyota.

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