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All vehicles need a working engine in order to run. Maintaining parts, fluids, and filters under the hood will promote longevity. While you can inspect many parts yourself, it’s always best to have your engine evaluated by professionals to ensure everything’s operating how it’s supposed to. Here at Cornerstone Auto Service, our team of car care specialists are equipped with dealership level equipment and over 10 years of experience. We understand the importance of a properly functioning engine and maintaining your car’s peak performance.

What To Watch For

As an auto owner, it’s necessary to know what to watch for when it comes to issues with your engine. There are multiple ways your car may signal engine problems – including:

  • Check engine light
  • Overheating
  • Rough idling or stalling
  • Lack of coolant
  • Low oil levels and leaks
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Engine turn over
  • Smelly odors
  • Reduced performance
  • Unusual knocking/ rumbling sounds
  • Excessive smoke or steam

No matter what issue you may be facing, our experts are dedicated to resolving the issue quickly and correctly the first time around! Rather than struggle to diagnose the problem on your own, we’ll complete all the testing and provide only the essential solutions needed to get your motor into great condition. Come claim your free inspection today!

Cornerstone Auto Service Experts

Since 2014, Cornerstone Auto Service has been the leading auto shop for engine repair and other services. We have extensively specialized in all makes and models of these brands:

By focusing on our wheelhouse of services and brands, we’re able to approach each job thoroughly and with attention-to-detail. Don’t deal with long waits and expensive repairs at dealerships when you can come to us! Our shop strives to provide affordable parts and labor with fast turnarounds. We honor outside warranties for your guaranteed satisfaction. Put your trust in us; we won’t let you down!

Why Choose Us?

  • Skilled: Our skilled mechanics work together seamlessly to provide efficient maintenance and repairs. They’re ASE-certified, with nearly a decade of experience fixing automotive problems for brands of all kinds.
  • Genuine: We provide only genuine, OEM and OES spare replacement parts. These pieces allow for a genuine fit, sleek finish, and functioning operation.
  • Transparent: We clearly lay out all of the labor and pricing before any project is started. This transparency creates a level of trust that provides our customers with peace of mind and holds us accountable.
  • Committed: Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Meaning, we always go the distance to make sure your car is in its best condition before you’re back on the road.

Local Convenience

Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or more advanced engine repair, we provide high quality results at the most reasonable rates in West Virginia and Ohio! We currently welcome customers from the following areas:

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Cornerstone Auto Service is where our dedication to excellent customer service meets expert repairs and maintenance. No matter what engine problems you’re struggling with, we are the best shop for the job! Stay safe through routine inspections and servicing. We work hard to only provide you with what you need! Know you’re in good hands when you come to us for all your car care needs. Walk-in or schedule an appointment now!

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