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The clutch plays a main role in engaging and disengaging the engine and transmission connection. When switching gears in a manual car, you press the clutch in order to downshift safely without stalling. It’s essential to consistently inspect this part since it’s in a state of constant friction. With the heat and tension caused, your clutch can deteriorate rapidly. Watch out for signs indicating your clutch is damaged – including:

Ask Yourself These Question

  • Difficulty shifting gears (i.e. sticking or stalling)
  • Grinding noises or vibrations when the clutch pedal is pushed
  • Burning odor when shifting
  • Experiencing weak acceleration

Inspect your clutch thoroughly before each use to ensure it’s working properly. Rather than handle it alone, bring your vehicle to us at Cornerstone Auto Service for regular diagnostics and repairs! Stop by today for your complimentary inspection!

Brands We Repair & Maintain

Since our first customer in 2014, we’ve encountered European and Import cars of all sorts. Our ASE-certified mechanics successfully provide high quality services for all makes and models we work with. The brands we repair and maintain are a mix between economy and luxury, such as:

Each car comes with its own unique advantage and challenge. Equipped with advanced technology, cars require expertise in order to comfortably navigate under the hood. If you’re well-versed with replacing a whole clutch assembly (including the disc and pressure plate), then this repair is doable in a home garage. However, if this is a little out of your range of expertise, our team of professionals are ready and eager to tackle any clutch issue you have!

Our Service Wheelhouse

Our auto service wheelhouse is expansive. It includes:

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Clutch Repair

Electrical Issues

Engine Repair

Oil Change Services

Routine Maintenance

Suspension Repair

Transmission Repair

We work diligently to offer only the best of the best! With high quality equipment and OEM replacement parts, your car will be operating to its full capacity. Our team works hard to efficiently complete each job thoroughly and quickly. Skip out on long dealership waits and high expenses when you come to us! At Cornerstone Auto Service, we value excellent results and safety all at a great price! Reach out today for your free estimate!

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We’ve proudly expanded our territory from West Virginia into Ohio – specifically:

If you experience any problems with the clutch in your vehicle, diagnose the issue and get it fixed immediately. Contact us by phone or in-person to get your car in top shape! We’re open during the week, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm. You can trust our experts to have your clutch working in no time!

Take Preventative Measures

Aside from normal wear and tear, you can stop the rate of damage simply through better driving practices. More often than not, it’s found that clutch replacements occur prematurely due to several damaging habits. When in doubt, avoid:

  • Riding the Clutch
  • Insufficient Hill Starts
  • Incorrect Gear Shifts
  • Driving on a Damaged Clutch
  • Missed Services

When dealing with your clutch, the most important thing is to engage it quickly and smoothly while shifting gears. Remember to always lift the clutch back up to its starting position once you’re moving. When climbing hillsides, engage the handbrake before releasing your clutch and revving your engine. Since the clutch is such a manual component to this mode of transportation, it’s pivotal to take preventative measures.

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