AC Repair

Why Come to Cornerstone Auto Service for Your A/C Service & Repair?

A car without functioning air conditioning is uncomfortable and unsafe. It’s essential to have a working unit, especially if you’re traveling around during high summer temperatures and possible heat waves. Protect yourself and your passengers from the sweltering heat by ensuring your A/C is operating correctly. It’s not something that needs to be regularly replaced, rather, it wears down over time.

Ask Yourself These Question

  • Is hot air coming from your car vents when it should be cold?
  • Is it blowing at full capacity?

If things are out of whack, they may be signs that your unit could need recharged or replaced entirely. If you notice these issues, we recommend getting your vehicle’s unit tested and fixed right away. At Cornerstone Auto Service, we combine an excellent team of specialists with dealership level equipment to provide the best, high quality services in the area. Don’t wait and risk inflated prices due to the season! Visit us to get your A/C working in no time!

Our Specialty

Our shop is full of highly trained individuals, committed to excellence! With each job, our technicians learn and expand on their repertoire of knowledge. After working with different cars for years, our team is experienced with the luxury and technology of makes and models of all kinds. Therefore, we happily recharge and repair air conditioners for European and Import brands of all varieties, including:

Put your trust in us for incredible customer service and repairs that last your car’s lifetime!

Top-Notch Services

Whether you’re dealing with hot air, no air flow, failing seals, leaking hoses, or a damaged compressor, our team of professionals are equipped to diagnose and make the necessary adjustments to get your A/C running again. In addition to this service, we also provide:

AC Repair

Brake Repair

Check Engine Light

Clutch Repair

Electrical Issues

Engine Repair

Oil Change Services

Routine Maintenance

Suspension Repair

Transmission Repair

Since we started 10 years ago, our business has remained strong through dedication and amazing community support. Tried and true, our motto is honesty, integrity, and hard work. We value providing the best services for all customers and vehicles. Our foundation is proudly built upon offering affordable maintenance and repairs without sacrificing the quality!

Auto Experts in West Virginia & Ohio

As the top-rated auto repair shop in these areas, we are proud to announce we have expanded to these locations:

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At our local shop, we offer excellent A/C repairs for a fraction of what franchise corporations charge. Each job is thoroughly done with care, precision, and accuracy. Our team at Cornerstone Auto Service works hard to make sure all repairs are done in a timely manner for your convenience. With your safety and happiness as our top priorities, we promise to provide only the best of the best. Whether you’re in need of repairing something as simple as the A/C unit or something of a larger scale, we have the ability to solve any issue your car may have. Contact us to schedule A/C repair today!

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