Electrical Repair

Parkersburg’s Top Auto Electrical System Service & Repair

The electrical system is essential to the function of any vehicle. Without it, main components like the fuel system and ignition system don’t work as they should. More often than not, this is demonstrated when your engine refuses to start or stops running while it’s on. This is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored since it poses an immediate threat to yourself and others while out on the road! At Cornerstone Auto Service, we believe it’s always best to play it safe. That’s why we recommend treating all electrical problems with urgency!

Watch For These Errors

The three key pieces that power your car are the alternator, battery, and starter. When one of these is malfunctioning, other issues quickly arise. Most commonly this is represented through stalling and lack of power. In order to catch errors, watch out for these following signs:

  • Dim Lights
  • Extra Bright Lights
  • Flickering Headlights or Taillights
  • Decreased Acceleration
  • Loud, Weird Sounds
  • Smelly, Burning Odors
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light
  • Battery Failure or Corrosion
  • Blown Fuses
  • Malfunctioning Parts:
    • Locked Windows
    • Broken Radio

Sometimes, the cause could be because of a faulty wire that needs tightening or replaced. Other times, it’s the result of something much larger and more complex. Luckily, our ASE-certified mechanics have years of experience and all the dealership level equipment to diagnose and repair any electrical issue you have!

Brands We Service

At Cornerstone Auto Service, we welcome European and Import cars of all makes and models. For 10 years, our technicians have provided high quality auto maintenance and repair services to many brands – including:

We work diligently to ensure each job is completed to perfection! Why stress about long wait times and expensive dealership costs when you can come to us for quick, efficient service at a much more affordable rate! Highly rated among all vehicle owners, you can trust us to be your roadside companions!

Our Wheelhouse

We have a wheelhouse of auto services we expertly provide, including but not limited to:

AC Repair

Brake Repair

Check Engine Light

Clutch Repair

Electrical Issues

Engine Repair

Oil Change Services

Routine Maintenance

Suspension Repair

Transmission Repair

Our team works hard to provide you with excellent customer service as we restore your car back to its optimal condition. Experience smooth rides and increased acceleration as you drive off into the sunset!

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Over the years, our company has continued its legacy of top-rated service by staying true to who we are and honoring our customers. We’ve grown our territory to additional areas in West Virginia and Ohio, such as:

If you’re in these locations and struggling with electrical issues in your vehicle, prevent them from getting worse when you bring it to us for diagnostics and repairs! With your safety and wellbeing in mind, we take action to provide you with only essential solutions you need. Drive with confidence knowing you’re in good hands! Bring your car into our local auto shop for repairs at the first sight of trouble and get a free inspection today!

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