Routine Maintenance

Why choose Cornerstone Auto Service For Your Vehicle’s Routine Maintenance Needs?

There are many ways to take care of your automobile. Even when large repairs aren’t needed, routine maintenance comes into play. In order for the performance reliability and lifelong wellbeing of your car, you must schedule regular services to make sure everything is running smoothly. This is the best way to get ahead of the curve and replace things before they cause significant damage. It can be daunting to take care of it on your own time and time again! Avoid the stress when you visit our local shop. Our team at Cornerstone Auto Service is equipped to handle any maintenance you need.

Significant Parts To Inspect

To evaluate what needs to be repaired or replaced, inspect your vehicle. Always look at these significant parts for damage and functionality:

  • Fluids – Motor oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid need to be clean and at the correct level.
  • Windshield Wipers – Noisy and streaking windshield wipers are obnoxious and hazardous.
  • Air Filters – Whether it’s an engine or cabin filter, their purpose is to protect the internal parts (motor or people) from outside debris and toxin damage.
  • Headlights & Taillights – Lights allow you to communicate with other drivers on the road through signaling, braking, and even in oncoming traffic (i.e. flashing high beams).
  • Tires – Having the correct tire pressure and continual tire rotations, will provide you with better handling and even wear on all sides of your tires.
  • Brakes – Brake fluid, pads, and rotors must work together to stop efficiently.
  • Belts & Hoses – Keep an eye out for any cracking, splitting, or fraying of the edges of your car’s belt and hose. Similar to brakes, these cause performance issues like overheating, dead battery, and/or strange leakage.

Ultimately, if you experience any shaking when steering, screeching noises when braking, or decreased performance, bring it in for servicing as soon as possible! We recommend getting these services done between every 5,000 and 10,000 mile mark, depending on what mileage you have. Make sure to check or get topped off before heading out on a long trip. When you provide consistent maintenance, your vehicle thanks you in the long run with smooth drives and minimal to no costly repairs!

Brands We Service

Here at our shop, our team uses a car diagnostic test to evaluate its current condition and point out any issues. For almost a decade, we’ve worked on a variety of makes and models for these luxury brands:

Why stress about long wait times and expensive dealership costs when you can come to our experts for quick, efficient service at a much more affordable rate!

Other Services We Offer

Our company is built upon high quality results with efficiency and minimal wait times! We prioritize your wellbeing with customer support and high quality auto services, like:

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Routine Maintenance

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If you’re looking for excellent vehicle upkeep, we’re the shop for you! Our continued our legacy over the years has allowed our company to expand additional territories from West Virginia to Ohio – now encompassing:

Without regular services and fluid replacement, your safety and fuel efficiency end up paying the price. Don’t wait until problems pile up! Get ahead of the curve by servicing as you go! Schedule us today for all your car care needs!

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