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High Quality European Auto Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Parkersburg

Every car is programmed to communicate when there’s an internal issue. They do so through their computer system – which notices the problem and responds by lighting up the dashboard signals. A car’s check engine light turns on when there’s a problem specifically with the engine. There are many potential reasons for why these arise. Sometimes it’s as simple as needing a software update or replacing loose or broken gas caps, spark plugs, and wires to more serious complications like:

  • Catalytic Converter Failure
  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Failure
  • Oxygen (02) Sensor Failure
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Failure
  • Ignition Coil Issues

These common hazards can be difficult to diagnose and repair on your own. Don’t risk your safety by waiting or trying to fix it yourself! Bring in your car for check engine light diagnostics and repairs as soon as you see it turn on! That way you can protect your fuel efficiency and the environment by keeping your emission parts healthy. Our expert team at Cornerstone Auto Service work together to provide the best and most affordable services in the area! Come to us for the best tools and resources around!

Brands We Specialize In

We believe that every vehicle is unique. Cars have different maintenance requirements and replacement parts depending on their make and model. Here, we proudly service these European and Import automobile brands:

Services We Provide

Dealing with a problematic catalytic converter? Whether you’re looking for regular care or need a larger project completed, our team is here for you! No matter what you drive, we have a full staff of professional technicians and customer service representatives that provide seamless services for all sorts of automotive issues. The main services we currently provide are:

AC Repair

Brake Repair

Check Engine Light

Clutch Repair

Electrical Issues

Engine Repair

Oil Change Services

Routine Maintenance

Suspension Repair

Transmission Repair

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For almost a decade now, we’ve run our business on the principles of honesty and community. We approach every job with integrity because we value the people we serve. Since 2014, we’ve continued to expand our auto services to neighboring areas, while our standards have remained the same. Reach out to us for maintenance and repairs if you’re located in these following cities:

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No matter what the issue is, we work diligently to uncover the problem and repair it thoroughly in no time! Our shop utilizes dealership level equipment and ASE-certified mechanics to ensure every job is completed professionally, correctly, and with high quality results. Spend less time in the shop and more time on the road when you let us take care of the problem at hand! Contact Cornerstone Auto Service today for all your next diagnostic and servicing needs! We’re open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm. Walk-ins welcome!

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